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M.O.V.E. HQ and studios are located are located on Main Street Venice in Los Angeles California open 24 hours and 8 days a week if there is music to be made.

Although the studio is primarily for our published writers and producers in our M.O.V.E crew to do what they do which is non stop creation, composition and production of beats, tracks and song crafting in a highly creative atmosphere, it is also place for developing artists to write,collaborate and produce with on their music and or projects with us.

We collaborate with all sorts of writers and artists from around the world and from all the indie and major publishing companies.

Also, when we are not slammed on M.O.V.E  collabs or artist development we offer and select time for select artists we provide the following services:

 • Vocal recording and editing
 • Beat and Synth programming
 • Sound design for film & TV
 • Custom track building for artists
 • Editing and mixing of existing material
 • Remixing
 • Song crafting

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